18th Mai 2023

She’s in Bristol
I’m in Sweden –
and the hug project carries on!

So So grateful to my sister Charlotte who’s wedding I shall always remember fondly!💙🤗💙
I told her, in October 2022, of my idea for a community based anti loneliness campaign, culminating in an online charity auction.
All based around The concept of Hugs.

Since then, she has given me more than simply her support, she has given me her time!!!
An amazing gift of 2 hours a week 💙, even with the various time differences and work / life commitments.

Thanks to her and now others who have adhered to this project, I haven’t given up and have had some Whoopy moments that I didn’t think were possible.

All the best to you and yours and hugs all round 🤗💙🤗